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Stay Alive: Survival Skills You NeedBuild The Perfect Survival Kit Practical Self Reliance
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Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need

Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need

By John D. McCann

Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need

Having a survival kit is not enough - You must know what to do with it! An emergency can arise at anytime, and everyone from the average commuter to the risk-taking sportsman can benefit from knowing basic survival skills. Armed with the techniques in Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need, you will be prepared to survive.

Building on the essentials presented in his first book, Build the Perfect Survival Kit, author John D. McCann details the survival mentality required to survive common emergencies, then goes on to explain the component skill categories that you must execute to stay alive, including:

· Survival Kits · Shelter · Navigating your way back to safety · Knives & Tools · Water Collection & Purification · Food · Fire & Light · Signaling for help · First Aid

With more than 250 pages, 300 full-color photos, and a Foreword by Dave Canterbury, Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need provides clear, detailed solutions for surviving emergencies during adventure, sport and travel.

With over 300 Full Color Photos, This is The Book To Have!

Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need

A youtube video book review of John's new book

Video by Steve "Critr" Davis

Learn to select & use knives and saws!

Knife and Saw

Learn how to collect tinder and start a fire!

Tinder and Fire

Learn to construct Immediate Action & Improvised Shelters!


Learn to Collect & Purify Water!

Water Collection and Purification

Learn how to Signal for Help!

Signaling for Help

Learn how to use a Map & Compass to navigate back!

Map and Compass

Learn how food can sustain energy - Bring it or Catch it!

Food to Sustain Energy

Learn how to deal with Wilderness Hazards & Safety!

Wilderness Hazards

And So Much More!

As you can see, this book is full of real information that will help you learn the basics for surviving an emergency situation, should one occur while out on an adventure. With over 250 pages and over 300 full color photos, Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need is a comprehensive tutorial for learning basic survival skills so you can be prepared to survive!

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23104 - Both - Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need & Build the Perfect Survival Kit - $38.00 (This is a discount of $4.00 off the list price)