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Misc Items


550Parachute Cord

This 550 Parachute Cord is Type III Commercial, 7 strand and is 100 feet in length. This is not seconds or odd lots. It is made here in America by a certified U.S. Defense Department manufacturer. It's ideal for many survival purposes such as lashing to make shelters, etc. The shroud and core is made of nylon. It has seven inner lines which can be removed and used for fishing line, sewing, making nets, lashing, or many other purposes. Tensile Strength: 550 lbs. Length: 100'. Available in Black, OD Green, Coyote Brown, and High Vis Orange.

Product Made in America

Caution Parachute Cord is

550 Parachute Cord, Type III, 7 Strand, 100' - $7.95


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Six pack of Toaster Cord locks - Black

Alt Text 2

Opening will accommodate two strands of Parachute Cord

These Toaster Cord Locks are made of high-strength Acetal plastic and are designed for exposure to the elements and temperature extremes. They fit cordage up to 1/8" and are ideal for parachute Cord. Because of the oval shaped hole you can actually thread two pieces fo parachute cord through the hole alongside each other. Great for lanyard tie-down and one-hand adjustment, you will find many uses for them. Once you thread your cordage through the opening, all you have to do is pinch the cord lock tight to activate the spring. Package contains 6 cord locks.

18025 - Toaster Cord Locks - 6 Pack - $3.95  

Tarred Nylon Twine

Bank Line


Tarred Nylon Twine is often called "Bank Line" because it is used for making both bank and trot lines. However, because of its strength, it is great as a cordage for all types of survival situations, and because of its size, you can carry a lot in a kit. It can be used to build shelters, traps and snares, and a host of other chores. Being tarred, it doesn't rot, is excellent at holding knots, will not unravel, and is lightweight (which makes it easy to carry). We offer it in two (2) sizes and strengths. The #18 is a great size to include in kits and I have re-wound it on various items for carrying in a kit. The #36 is twice the diameter but twice the strength for those requiring a stronger cordage.

Alt Text 1

Bank Line - #18 - 250' - 160 Lb.

Alt Text 2

Bank Line - #36 - 122' - 320 Lb.

#18 Bank Line comes on a roll of 250 feet with an approx. tensile strength of 160 pounds.

18016 - Bank Line - #18 - 250' - 160 Lb. - $4.95
#36 Bank Line comes on a roll of 122 feet with an approx. tensile strength of 320 pounds.

18018 - Bank Line - #36 - 122' - 320 Lb. - $4.95  

Latex Rubber Tubing



Latex Rubber Tubing has dozens of uses for survival! Although you often see this tubing carried by paramedics, it can be used in the field to make weapons such as slingshots & Hawaiian Sling Spears, traps such as spring up snares, fire starting (this stuff burns long as a tinder), Signaling (it burns with a dark black smoke), building shelters, and emergency medical purposes. Like Duct Tape, you should have several feet of this stuff in your kit. Amber in color, this tubing has a 5/16" outside diameter, 3/16" inside diameter, with a wall thickness of 1/16". Maximum length for a single piece is 20', and any amount over 20' will be divided into 2 or more sections. It should be noted that this product contains natural rubber latex which may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

18002 - Latex Rubber Tubing (per ft.) - $1.00 (enter number of feet desired) ft.    

Fresnel Magnifier


This is not your run-of-the-mill Fresnel Magnifier! Many of the pocket magnifiers offered out there are only 2x. Our new Fresnel Magnifier has 4X power magnification and is great for all survival kits, travel safety kits, or carry one in your wallet. It can be used as an additional firestarter on sunny days, or as a magnifier when glasses are lost or broken. We had a blaze orange case made for it so you can find it easily. Measures 2" x 3-1/4" (Case measures 2-3/8" x 3-11/16"), and only 0.4mm thick. Weighs only 0.1 oz., and are also available in a 6 Pack.

18001 - Fresnel Magnifier - 4X - $1.00

18001-6 - Fresnel Magnifier - 4X - 6 Pack - $5.50

Emergency Sunglasses


These Emergency Sunglasses are ideal for any survival or travel safety kit. Ideal for preventing snow blindness during any winter activity, in the event your sunglasses are lost or broken. Can also protect eyes when on the water during bright sun. They have an adjustable cardboard temple and fold flat to store in the supplied envelope. One size fits all and they are good for more than one use.

18003 - Emergency Sunglasses - $1.25


EmergencyInformation Wristband

When the time comes to evacuate your home because of an emergency, or bug-out as some call it, you will want to be sure that you have a way to discreetly carry your emergency information. This could include information such as copies of your identification cards or licenses, medical records, insurance information, and the account numbers and contact information for your charge cards, to name just a few.

The Emergency Information Wristband is a discreet way for you to carry that information! Our wristbands are made from a pliable Silicone material so they are not stiff or uncomfortable to wear. They contain a 4 GB USB Flash Drive that can hold a lot of your information. They will fit any wrist up to 8-3/8 inch in circumference.

For more Information and Photos CLICK HERE.

26422 - Emergency Information Wristband- $14.95



All Duct Tape Products have been moved to our new Repair Gear page.
CLICK HERE to check out that page.


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The Fire Starter Buckle is available in Black & Orange

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Fire Stater Buckle with Whistle & Ferro Rod Separated From Striker End

Alt Tag Here

Fire Starter Buckle with Whistle with Striker Removed

The Fire Starter Buckle with Whistle is made for 3/4" straps and can be used for custom configurations like para-cord bracelets. One side of the buckle has a whistle and a concealed Ferro Rod for use as an emergency fire starter. The other side of the buckle had a striker for the Ferro Rod, which can be removed by sliding it out of the buckle. The buckle measures 2-7/16" long x 1" wide (1-1/4" wide at the whistle mouthpiece) x 3/8" thick. The Ferro Rod is 3/4" long x 5/32" in diameter. It weighs 0.4 oz. Again, it is for a 3/4" strap. Available in Black or Orange.

Fire Starter Buckle with Whistle - 3/4" - $2.95


Miniature Snap Swivels

These are great little metal snap swivel hooks for attaching items, such as flashlights or other survival gear, to key rings or "D" rings on pack shoulder straps (Items in photos not included - only shown as example uses). These can be used for so many things, you will be surprised how you lived without them. They measure 1-1/2" in length x 1/2" wide.

18032 - Miniature Snap Swivel Hook (6 pack) - $4.50


Size Comparison

As you can see from the photo at left, our Micro Snap Swivel Hooks are considerably smaller than the Miniature Snap Swivel Hooks shown above (Note: the photos at left show both much larger than they really are). They measure only 1-1/4" in length x 3/8" wide (It should also be note that the Micro Snap Swivel Hooks are to small to use with the Mini Figure-Eight Key Ring shown below). These are great for attaching items to small split rings and key rings.

18033 - Micro Snap Swivel Hooks (6 Pack) - $3.50


Mini Figure-8Mini Figure-8 with keyring items

Our new Mini Figure-Eight is made from solid brass in Italy. It is ideal for an EDC Key Ring, using the larger side to attach your items with our Miniature Snap Swivel Hooks (see above). The smaller side can be used for your keys using the included split ring. (Note: The items in the picture to the right are not included). The Mini Figure-Eight measures 7/8" at the widest point and is 1-1/2" long. It weighs only .5 oz.

18019 - Mini Figure-Eight Key Ring - $2.95


Stainless Wire Cable Ring with ItemsStainless  Wire Cable RingStainless Wire Cable Rings

These Stainless Wire Cable Rings are great for EDC (Every Day Carry) rings for your survival tools, can be used to attach things to your packs, or even as key rings! 6" long, they make a nice ring about 2" in diameter. You can screw 2 together to make even a larger ring, so we package them 2 to a package. Note: The items shown on the ring above are not included. These are great little rings for many uses.

18034 - 6" Stainless Wire Cable Ring (2 Pack) - $1.75


Nite Ize S-Biners

The Nite Ize S-Biner's® are made of high quality, weather-resistant, stainless steel. They have dual gates so that you can secure items to a key-ring, zipper pull, "D" rings, and many other places. They can be linked together or you can attach to the center bar for added security! They are available in three sizes: The smallest, #0.5, is 1.31" long with a 3 lb. weight rating (and come in a 2-pack). The next size is #1 and is 1.56" long with a 5 lb. weight rating. The largest is #2 which is 2" long with a 10 lb. weight rating. WARNING: These are not for use where disengagement could result in bodily injury or property damage. Not for climbing!

Nite Ize - S-Biner® -





These Stainless Steel Ball & Chain Necklaces are available in both siler or black. These are the same chains used for Dog Tags except they don't have the additional smaller chain for the extra dog tag. They have the normal press and lock connector so they can be opened to place items on them. They measure thirty (30) inches long. They can be cut down to make a shorter chain.

18035/18036 - Ball & Chain Necklace

P-38 & P-51 CAN OPENER

P-38 & P-51 Can Openers

Alt Tag HereAlt Tag Here

The P-38 and P-51 can openers are a must have for an emergency if you need to open cans. The P-38 was originally developed in 1942 and was issued to U.S. troops so they could open canned C-rations. Later a larger model was developed, called the P-51 which is easier to use because of its larger size. The P-51 is ideal for those #10 cans used in emergency preparedness freeze dried food. Don't be caught without a can opener when an emergency situation occurs. Both the P-38 and the P-51 come in a two pack. Carry one on your key ring, and one in your BOB (Bug-Out Bag), so you are always prepared.

22034 - P-38 Can Opener - 2 Pack - $1.00
22035 - P-51 Can Opener - 2 Pack - $1.40


Silica Gel Desiccant Packets

Packets in Hand

Moisture is the enemy of survival and fishing kits, as well as other items that can rust when stored. These Silica Gel Desiccant Packets are the ideal solution for adding to all survival and fishing kits, especially those sealed in a tin. We now enclose the small 1 gram packet free in all of our survival tins. These moisture absorbing packets are packaged in Tyvek which makes them tough. We offer them in three sizes; 1 gram for small kits and tins, 5 gram for medium kits (such as our Survival Kit Pouch Plus™ packaged in a medium Pelican Case), and a larger 1 oz. for those really big kits. We also use the 1 oz. for food stored in 5 Gal. buckets, as they meet FDA specifications for food and drug products. These packets are cheap insurance for protecting your valuable kits and items!

Silica Gel Desiccant Packet



This is a handy little keychain item that provides you a thermometer, a compass, and a wind chill chart. The front provides the temperature in both °F and °C and a 14mm luminous, liquid filled compass. The back side provides a wind chill chart. You can use it as a zipper pull, a key chain, or on snapped to you pack. You will find many uses for this little device. Hang one outside the tent so you know what the temperature is in the morning. It measures 2" x 1-1/8" and weighs only .3 oz.

13106 - Therm-O-Compass - $8.95

Zipper PullCompass



This is a great little general direction Zipper Pull Compass! Attach it to the zipper pulls of your jackets, packs, etc. and you will always be able to determine your general direction. The compass is a 17mm with a rotating bezel around it. Because of it's small size, I'm sure you won't be using it for orienteering, but in a pinch, something is better than nothing. Liquid filled. Measures 15/16" x 1-1/2" long, not counting the 2-1/2" loop used for attaching. Weighs only 0.1 oz.

13107 - Zipper Pull Compass - $1.99  

Zipper Pull Thermometer



The SUN Brrr-ometer is a great Zipper Pull Thermometer for cold or warm weather enthusiast! Simply attach it to zipper pull of jackets, rain gear, packs, or even your keys. It is constructed of anodized aluminum with an accurate thermometer and a durable split ring. The thermometer range is -20° F to 120° F and -30° C to 50° C. Measures 2-3/4" long x 1/2" wide x 1/4" deep. Weighs 0.1 oz.

13109 - Zipper Pull Thermometer - $4.95


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Alt Text 2

Subdued - OD Green

Alt Text 2

Subdued - Coyote Brown

Alt Text 1

Patches have Velcro Hook Backing

Alt Text 2

Set of All Three Patches

Alt Text 2

Set of Both Subdued Patches

The New Survival Resources Patches reflect our new logo. The orange patch also reflects our company colors. However, many of our customers also like their patches subdued, so we also have a OD Green and Coyote brown Subdued version. All patches are 3" x 3" and have a Velcro hook backing. They are available individually at $2.50 each, as a set of all three colors for $6.00, or a set of the two subdued versions for $4.50. Wear them proudly on your packs, bags, or anywhere you like to display your patches. As always we appreciate your support!

Survival Resources Patches

SR Patch


This is the original patch that we provided to students when they complete a course with Survival Resources, back when we were running our school. It is a high-quality 7 color patch which measures 3.5" in diameter. We are honored when we see former students wearing it on their jacket or pack. They do not have a Velcro backing.

10001 - Original Round Survival Resources 3.5" Patch - $2.00


One Free With Every Order

SR Stickers

These are our new stickers which are shaped the same as our new patches. First of all, every order that comes into Survival Resources, no matter the size, gets a FREE sticker included in their order. However, if you would like more, we offer them four to a package. They measure 3.25".

10004 - Survival Resources Stickers (4 Pack) - $1.00




It is the responsibility of everybody to help keep the outdoors clean for the enjoyment of all who venture there. Our "Footprints" T-Shirt is for those who believe that we should "Be Kind To Nature by Leaving Only Footprints." The "Footprints" T-Shirt has Brown lettering on a Tan T-Shirt, so it is cool when it is warm out. It is made from Heavyweight 6.1 oz. 100% pre-shrunk cotton, with a generous cut for comfort. It features double-needle stitching, shoulder-to-shoulder taping, and a seamless collar for all day comfort. A small Survival Resources logo is on the left sleeve. They are available in size Small through 3XL, all at the same price.


For more photos or to buy, CLICK HERE.


Extra Large Bandanas

Our Extra Large Bandanas are great for so many uses in the field. Besides being used as a bandana, these are great for use as a head-wrap, sling, bandage, wash cloth, water strainer, pot holder, and more. Made of 100% cotton, they measure 27" x 27" and are available in Orange or OD Green. Add a couple to your various packs.

Extra Large Bandanas - 27" x 27" - $3.00


OD Bandana


This Olive Drab Bandana is great when you want to blend in outdoors. A bandana is an extremely versatile item in the outdoors and can be used as a sweat band, a sling, to soak up dew, a pre-filter for water, etc., and you can even use it to blow your nose. Measures 21" x 21".

Product Made in America

18004 - Olive Drab Bandana - $2.50

Survival Bandana


The Survival Bandana provides some basic survival information including setting up a campsite, finding the North Star, some basic knots, hiking safety, first Aid, food safety, clothing and weather conditions, hydration and waterborne diseases, animal tracks, bear safety, Snake and scorpion bites, as well as some good tips for the hikers and campers. And it is all printed on a bright Orange bandana.

Product Made in America

18009 - Survival Bandana - Orange - $5.95

Knot Bandana


This bandana has various knots shown, including Square Knot, Girth Hitch, Water Knot, Double Sheet Bend, Taut-Line Hitch, Bowline, Figure 8 Stopper Knot, Clove Hitch, Fisherman's Knot, Figure 8 Loop, Two Half Hitches, Butterfly Knot, and Trucker's Hitch. A multi-use item. Learn knots and have a bandana. Measures approx. 21" x 21".

Product Made in America

18026 - Knots Bandana - $5.95

First Aid Bandana


This bandana has First Aid information printed on it to include First Aid Response, Treat for Shock after any major injury, Tick Bites, Bee Stings, Snake Bites, Hypothermia Symptoms & Treatment, Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke Symptoms & Treatment, Fractures, Sprains & Strains, Stopping Bleeding and what to do when it has stopped, Acute Mountain Sickness, Pulmonary Edema, and Cerebral Edema. Measures approx. 21" x 21".

Product Made in America

18027 - First Aid Bandana - $5.95



Lightload Towels open

Lightload Survival Towels are the only hand towels that are essential survival tools! They fit anywhere, go anywhere and do everything to help you survive in the outdoors. So tiny, they fit in your first aid kit, toiletry kit, backpack, pocket, almost anywhere! And their durable water-proof packaging keeps them dry, fresh and clean - ready for use whenever you need them. They open in just seconds into a sturdy double-sized hand towel that is super absorbent and super soft. Use them as a towel, wash cloth, fire starter (I find if you scrape a portion with the blade of a knife if provides fine fibers that ignite with a Ferro rod), first aid supplement, dew collector, bandana, and more. They're great for packing in tight spaces like survival kits and small pouches. The material is 100 percent viscose and made from cellulose (not an oil-like microfiber) and acts as a sponge and absorbs up to nine times its weight in water. Add water to the towel or start wiping water off of you to soften and open easier. You can reuse them. Colors of the towels are assorted.  Available in 12" x 12" and 12" x 24".

Check out our video review

Lightload Survival Towels


Alt Tag HereAlt Tag HereLightload Beach

The only beach towels that fit in your pocket. The world renowned Lightload Beach Towels are the only towels that are survival tools. They measure a large 30" wide x 60" long. Use them as a towel, wash cloth, fire starter, first aid supplement, diaper, and more. They pack down to 3.5" in diameter and and are only 1" thick. They’re great for packing in tight spaces like packs, pouches and suitcases. They weigh a mere 4.5 oz so are very helpful where weight is a concern like in travel or backpacking. Waterproof packaging covers each piece so you always have a clean dry cloth which is good for hygiene, personal care and first aid. The material is 100 percent viscose and made from cellulose (not an oil-like microfiber) and acts as a sponge and absorbs up to nine times its weight in water. Add water to the towel or start wiping water off of you to soften and open easier. You can reuse them. Colors of the towels are assorted. Size: 30" x 60" and weigh 4.5 oz.

18278 - Lightload Beach Towel - $7.50

Survival Playing Cards


These Survival Playing Cards were developed to help you deal with outdoor emergencies. This complete deck of survival cards can help you survive and keep your mind off situations you can not control. They will prepare you to think and act safely, and to avoid the greatest threat to outdoor/survival - panic. A real deck of cards, with a wealth of information: first aid on the red cards (hearts & diamonds), and survival information on the black cards (clubs & spades). The aces of each suit are table of contents for that suit.

18020 - Survival Playing Cards - $7.95

Outdoor Knot Cards


This is a professional knot guide printed on plastic, waterproof cards. Perfect for your survival kit, there are 6 cards providing easy to understand diagrams for 20 knots useful in the outdoors. It instructs the Bowline, Taut line Hitch, Sheep Shank, Square Knot, Water Knot, Timber Hitch, Buntline Hitch, Rolling Hitch, Clove Hitch, Constrictor Knot, Half Hitch, Sheet Bend, Prusik Knot, Double Fisherman's Knot, Cleat Hitch, Truckers Hitch, Figure Eight Knot, Mooring Hitch, Butterfly Knot and the Bowline On a Bight. We recommend a stainless ball & chain necklace (available above) to hang these cards off of your pack!

18006 - Outdoor Knot Cards - $4.95

Fishing Knot Cards


The Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide has the ten best knots to cover every fishing situation. The easy to read drawings are printed on waterproof plastic cards, which fold out to a 12" ruler to measure your catch. Includes the three best knots for terminal tackle connections, the two best leader to line knots, the two best line to line knots, and the three best loop knots. Knots include, Improved Clinch Knot, Palomar Knot, Uni-Knot, Surgeon's Knot, Double Uni-Knot, Blood Knot, Nail Knot, Surgeon's End Loop, Dropper Loop, and the Perfection Loop. Measure.4-1/4" x 2-1/4" folded.

18005 - Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide - $4.95



These decks of cards are great for backpackers, hikers, campers, or persons learning edible and poisonous plants. Full-color pictures combined with detailed descriptions enable the collector to identify these plants in their native habitats. The set for Eastern States includes the more important edible (44) and poisonous (8), and for the Western States, edible (45) and poisonous (9).

Edible & Poisonous Plants of the - $7.95