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Misc Containers

Silver Hinged Tin


An Altoids tin has become a favorite container for a mini survival kit (See the book Build the Perfect Survival Kit). This Hinged Tin is almost the same size as an Altoids tin. It is silver and ready to go for building your own mini survival kit (you don't even have to remove the old paint from a used Altoids tin). Outside dimensions: 3-3/4" long x 2-3/8" wide x 7/8" deep. Inside dimensions: 3-5/8" long x 2-1/4" wide x 13/16" deep.

21001 - Silver Hinged Tin (3-3/4" x 2-3/8" x 7/8") - $1.30

Survival Kit Tin Small


This is a great tin for building a survival kit in. It has a rubber seal in the lid and indents that allow the lid to "click" into place. Outside dimensions: 3-3/4" long x 2-3/8" wide x 15/16" deep. Inside dimensions: 3-5/8" long x 2-3/16" wide x 7/8" deep. Non-shiny silver in color.

21008 - Survival Kit Tin - $3.25


Pocket Tin Belt Pouch

This is a great little belt pouch for carrying a Pocket Tin Survival Kit. It will hold our silver hinged tin, our Small Survival Kit Tin, as well as an Altoids tin. It has a substantial belt loop on the back which will take a belt up to 2.5". Made from durable Polypro webbing, it measures 2/5" wide x 1.5" deep x 3.75" high. Black only.

Alt Text 1

Front/Side View

Alt Text 2

Front View

Alt Text 2

Side View

Alt Text 2

Back View

Product Made in America

21007 - Pocket Tin Belt Pouch - $7.95


Survival Kit Tin Large

Our Survival Kit Tin - Large is the perfect tin that survival kit that just has to be a little larger than the Altoids tin size. Outside dimensions are 4-3/8" long x 3-1/4" wide x 1-1/16" deep, and inside dimensions are 4-1/4" long x 3-1/8" wide x 1" deep. It has a rubber seal in the lid and indents that allow the lid to "click" into place. You will find many uses for this tin!

21009 - Survival Kit Tin - Large - $4.95


Locking Lid Survival Tin

This is one of our favorite survival tins. The problem with many reviews that we see on personal survival kits is the container is less than quality.  This survival tin is a quality container that is perfect for building your own survival kit in.  This is a super lightweight, airtight aluminum tin with locking roller clasps and features a rubber seal within the lid.  Measures 5" long x 3.5" wide x 1" high (inside) 1-1/4" (outside). Weight: 4 oz.

21005 - Locking-Lid Survival Tin - $16.95

Mess Tins


These are great tins for survival kits, or as a small cooking pots. Their rectangular shape make them easy to pack. Made from aluminum, the small one measures 6.5" x 3.5" x 2.6", and the large one measures 7.85" x 5.1" x 2.8".

Mess Tin -

Mess Tin w/ Handle


These are great mess tins that can be used for a survival kit, or for cooking. Their rectangular shape make them easy to pack, and their folding handles fold flat on the top of the tin. Made from Aluminum, the small one measures 6.5" x 3.5" x 2.6", and the large one measures 7.85" x 5.1" x 2.8".

Mess Tin w/Handle -

Belt Pouch


Our Belt Pouch is ideal for carrying our small mess tin and small mess tin with handle (see above), as well as for carrying a small survival kit. These are very versatile pouches and can be used on the belt, or as a pouch for other kits or packs. These pouches are also used for our Pocket Tin Survival Kit Plus™ (see Survival Kit Section). They are made from tough Pack Cloth and measure 4" high x 6" long x 2" deep. Available in Orange, Black, OD Green, and ACU camo. For more photos CLICK HERE!

Belt Pouch - $7.95


Alt Text 1

LunchBots Stainless Container Open - Small

Alt Text 2

LunchBots Stainless Container In Hand - Small

Alt Text 2

Comparison of Small LunchBots sitting on Large LunchBots


This is one of the most substantial stainless steel containers I have found and is perfect as a large or extra large survival tin! Made of the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel, it is easy-to-clean, and virtually unbreakable. Both the lid and bottom have rolled edges, so not sharp edges. The lid does not seal watertight, but snaps on very securely. As with many tins, you can tape the edges when used as a survival tin. The small measures 6-1/4" long x 5" wide x 1-5/8" deep, overall. The actual measurements on the inside of the bottom are 6" x 4-3/4" x 1.5" deep. It weighs 8 oz. The large measures 8-1/4" long x 6-3/8" wide x 1-5/8" deep, overall. The actual measurements on the inside of the bottom are 8" x 6" x 1-9/16" deep. It weighs 12.2 oz.Again, these are very sturdy containers!

LunchBots Stainless Container


8 oz. ScrewTop Tin

This large 8 oz. Screw-Top Tin is very robust, food grade, and all edges are rolled.  It can be used for a multitude of storage options for kits, packs, and makes a great tin to store a flint & steel kit in, or make Char-Cloth in. It measures 3-1/8" in diameter (3" Inside diameter) x 1-15/16" high.

21052 - Large Screw-Top Tin - 8 oz. - $4.95


Slim Line Tins

Our Slim Line Screw-Top Tins are extremely sturdy, and all edges are rolled. The screw tops allow you to secure items inside without fear of the covers falling off, which is the problem with many of the "press-fit" covers. The slim design makes them easier to pack, or even carry in a pocket. They make great tinder containers, and come in 3 sizes. Their uses are only limited by your imagination. Being they are food grade, we have used them to carry spices, coffee and tea bags, salt & pepper, etc. The smallest holds 0.5 oz. and measures 1.5" in diameter x 11/16" high. The medium holds 1 oz. and measures 1-15/16" in diameter x 5/8" high. The large is 2-3/8" in diameter x 13/16" high. These measurements are of the bottom of the tins. The lids are slightly larger around. You can buy them individually, or try our 3 pack with one of each size.

Slim Line Screw-Top Tin -


Slide Top Tin

Slide Top Tins



This is the same Slide Top Tin that we use for our Tinder-Tin under fire starters. Our customers have asked that we sell them separately, so here they are. The top can be partially slide open or slid off completely. These little, slide top tins, are made for us right here in the U.S. and measure 3-1/8" long x 1-3/8" wide x 7/16" thick. We are sure you will find many uses for them in your survival kits, packs, or bug-out bags.

21059 - Slide Top Tin - $1.25  




Although designed as a Water Bottle - Pot, this is a great waterproof container for making various types of kits.

For much more information, photos, CLICK HERE.

22038 - Vargo BOT


Alt Text 1


Alt Text 2


GRID-IT!® Organizers make a great platform for individual pallets for organizing various components or group of components in EDC (Everyday Carry) or survival kits or packs. It securely holds all those items that seem to fall to the bottom of the pack and keeps electronic cords and wires from getting all tangled together.

For more photos and pricing information CLICK HERE



Witz® Sports Cases are designed to protect your gear and are great for using for survival kits. Made of strong durable plastic to protect against crushing and impact, they are equipped with a waterproof rubber o-ring to keep contents dry and safe from the elements. Their streamlined design makes them perfect for hanging around necks, slipping into pockets, or stowing in backpacks.

For more information click on a picture below.

See-It Safe

See-It Safe®

Keep-It Clear

Keep-It Clear®

I.D. Locker

I.D. Locker®



Aloksak® bags are resealable element-proof bags featuring a hermetic seal. That means absolutely no water, air, dust or humidity permeates the closure. They are designed for a wide range of applications and environments. The transparent bags are flexible and puncture resistant. They come in multiple sizes and can be sealed over and over again. Certified waterproof to 60 meters (200 feet) and tested and approved by the US Navy Experimental Diving Unit. These are great bags for packing gear in survival kits, packs, or anywhere you want your stuff to stay dry! Made in U.S.A.! For more photos, information, and pricing, CLICK HERE!

Product Made in America



The new Odor-Proof barrier bag, OPSAK, has all of the features of the LOKSAK (above) plus a new-generation barrier film that is completely odor-proof. Now you can carry food and toiletries virtually undetected. Great for preventing animal intrusions at the campsite.

Specifications: Certified waterproof to 60 meters / 200 feet, Tested and approved by the Navy Experimental Diving Unit, Safe. Our medical grade film is FDA approved, Temperature rated -40F to 170F, Highly reusable and 100% made of recyclable Polyethylene.

Great for storing camping and food supplies, Pack out body waste, Long term bio-hazard storage, store Tobacco products, Rehydrate or cook dry foods with boiling water, etc. I'm sure you will come with many more ideas for a odor-proof bag! They are available in two sizes, 9" x 10" or 12.5" x 20".

Product Made in America



Alt Text 1

ID Case

Alt Text 2

Passport - Utility Case

The Seattle Sports Waterproof DryDoc Cases are ideal for protecting fishing licenses and IDs in our smallest size, to protecting Passports and other documents in the Passport/Utility size. These cases are perfect for any situation, and are also great for building Mini Survival Kits in! Built with an eco-friendly PVC-Free film that's super puncture proof, these cases are as tough as they are useful. A positive-snap Ziploc®-type closure makes them extremely easy to use. With their simplicity, they are also an inexpensive solution offering great protection to your valuable documents. The ID Case measures 2-3/4" wide x 5" high (4" high to the zipper) and the Passport case measures 4-1/4" wide x 6-3/8" high (5-1/4" high to the zipper).

For DryDoc Map Cases CLICK HERE

21100 - DryDoc Waterproof ID Case- 2 Pack - $8.25

21101 - DryDoc Waterproof Passport Case - $4.95  

Waterproof Wallet


Protect your cash, licenses, cards, and other valuables from the elements. Great for water sports, travel, or any outdoor activities. It is also a great little pouch for a mini survival kit. Features two watertight pockets for easy access and storage. Measures 6-3/8" x 4-3/4" overall, with two pockets of 4-3/4" x 2-3/4" (measures 4-3/4" x 3-1/8" when folded in half).

21097 - Waterproof Wallet - $2.75

Spare Battery Carriers


You should always carry extra batteries in you survival kits, packs, etc., and we now provide you with a convenient way to carry them. These Spare Battery Carriers provide you with a means to store your batteries in a compact carrier that allows you to find them easily! Battery terminals are protected on both ends regardless of how battery is inserted. A unique locking feature holds batteries firmly in place, yet allows you to easily dispense batteries with one hand for both safety and convenience. Made of high quality engineered plastic. They are available for 6-AAA, 4-AA, and 4-CR123 batteries, in Orange, Olive & Black (Note: Batteries not included). Made in U.S.A.! For more photos, information, and pricing, CLICK HERE!

Product Made in America

Reclosable Bags


Our customers keep asking for them, so here they are! These Clear Reclosable Bags are great for packaging small items in a survival kit. They can be used to separate items into various component groups, or carry anything from tinder to spices. You will find hundreds of uses for them. The 4 mil. bags are really sturdy and last after repeated use. The smaller 2 mil. bags are not as sturdy, but are normally used inside another container. They come 10 to a package, in 4 mil. measuring 3" x 4", 4 mi. measuring 2" x 3", and 2 mil. measuring 1.5" x 1.5".

21012 - 4 mil. Clear Reclosable Bags - 3" x 4" - 10 Pack - $1.25

21013 - 4 mil. Clear Reclosable Bags - 2" x 3" - 10 Pack - $1.00

21014 - 2 mil. Clear Reclosable Bags - 1.5" x 1.5" - 10 Pack - $0.75

21016 - All 3 Clear Reclosable Bags - 10 of Each Bag - $2.75

Tubular Flasks


These Tubular Flasks are great for carrying all sorts of stuff for both urban & wilderness survival, camping, hiking, etc. They can hold 2 oz. of liquid, as well as assorted small items. The caps have a seal when you first put them on, so if you use the flask for something like medical supplies, you will know if the seal has been broken. The cap is still reusable after the seal has been broken. We have used them for small kits, as well as carrying liquids such as maple syrup when camping. They measure 5-3/4" long x 1-1/8" O.D. x 13/16" I.D. They are sold in packs of three. For more pictures and applications, CLICK HERE.

21010 - Tubular Flask - 3 Pack - $3.50

21011 - Replacement Caps for Tubular Flask - 3 Pack - $1.00


0.5 & 1 oz. Bottles

0.5 & 1 oz.

2, 4, 8 oz. Bottles

2, 4, & 8 oz.

These are ideal bottles for carrying extra alcohol for your stove, or any other liquids that you don't want to leak all over your gear. They are available in 0.5 oz. (which is great to hold meds in a first aid kit), 1 oz., 2 oz., 4 oz., and 8 oz. and have screw top lids. We have found that most of the squirt-top bottles eventually leak, so we recommend the screw tops. They measure as follows: 0.5 oz.: 1" diameter x 2-5/6" tall, 2 oz.: 1.5" diameter x 3-3/8" tall, 4 oz.: 2" diameter x 4" tall, 8 oz.: 2-3/8" diameter x 5-1/4" tall.

Nalgene Leakproof Bottle -

Mini Plastic Vials


These Mini-Plastic Vials are ideal for mini survival kits. They can be used for storing needles, small fish hooks, small barrel and snap swivels, BB split shot, small safety pins, and other small items such as mini pencils. Each vial comes with a very tight fitting black vinyl cap, and they are packaged 3 vials to a bag. They measure 3-3/8" long (3-1/4" usable length inside) by 1/4" diameter (inside).

Product Made in America

21042 - 3 Mini Plastic Vials - $2.25

Screw Top Plastic Vials


We find that the caps on many of the plastic vials used in survival kits always fall off. So, we had these Screw Top Plastic Vials made especially for us. Great for survival kits, they are shorter than our Mini Plastic Vials (above), but larger around. They are great for storing various small items in your survival kit and are really handy for a small fishing tackle kit. The caps screw on (so they don't fall off in your kit) and are made of black metal. These vials Are Not waterproof. They measure 2-1/4" long (2-1/8" usable length inside) x 5/8" diameter. Packages 3 vials to a bag.

Product Made in America

21044 - 3 Screw Top Plastic Vials - $2.25


Waterproof Screwtop VialHolding Matches

Larger than the vials above, and made for us, these Waterproof Plastic Screw Top Vials have a waterproof cap and are more substantial than many other vials. These vials are handy for mini survival kits, fishing kits, tinder, carrying spices in your cook kit, etc. They also hold the UCO Stormproof Matches with striker listed under the firestarter products page. The uses are only limited by your imagination! They are sold 2 to a pack and measure 3-3.16" long x 7/8" diameter (inside), 1-1/8 diameter (outside cap).

Product Made in America

21046 - 2 Waterproof Plastic Screw Top Vials - $2.25


Waterproof Screw Top Vials

Note: The large vial to the right is only pictured to show the size comparison to the shorter vials.

Waterproof Screwtop Vials

The 21046 Waterproof Plastic Screw Top vial above has been such a big seller, that we went back to the company making them for us and asked if they could make us shorter vials in three different sizes. Well they could, and here they are.

These shorter Waterproof Screw Top Vials are great for all those needs when packaging a survival or first aid kit. They can be utilized for anything from a small fishing tackle kit to carry medications in a first aid kit. Being food grade, they can also be used to carry salt, pepper, spices, etc. in your cook kit! You can buy each size individually as a three pack or a three pack with one of each size! All three vials are 2-3/16" long, with an inside length of 2-1/8". The small vial measures 11/16 diameter (inside) and 7/8" diameter (outside cap). The medium vial measures 13/16" diameter (inside) and 1" diameter (outside cap). The large vial measures 7/8" diameter (inside) and 1-1/8" diameter (outside cap). There are so many uses for these vials that you will be surprised you went without them (Note: The large vial in photo is for size comparison only and is available above as product No. 21046).

Product Made in America

3 Short Waterproof Plastic Screw Top Vials - $2.25

Stainless Screw Top Vials


This is a great little vial made from stainless steel, a screw top, and a pocket clip. It measures 3-1/4" long x 3/8" outside diameter (5/16" inside diameter) and is great for storing small items in a mini kit, or sewing needles (extra needles from our sewing awl under the Repair Gear section fit in this vial). Wt. .3 oz.

21040 - Stainless Screw Top Vial - $5.95

Large and Small Capsules


These "O' Ring sealed Aluminum Capsules are ideal for survival kits, or hanging off a key ring or pack. Fill them with tinder, matches, sewing needles, medications, etc. The large capsules are 5/8" x 2.5" long, and the small capsules are 5/8" x 1-5/8" long.

Large - $4.00
Small - $2.25

Scuba Capsules


This is a large "O" Ring sealed Aluminum Capsule (shown approx. actual size) is ideal for all your survival kit needs, or use for GeoCaching. Fill it with tinder, matches, or other small items. It is even large enough to hold our 5/8 Dram Amber Glass Vial for repackaging Iodine tablets. Hang from your key ring, pack, or put in a survival kit. Measures 3/4" x 2" long.

Aluminum Scuba Capsule - $5.25

X-Large Capsules


This is a Big One!

This Extra-Large "O" Ring sealed Aluminum Capsule is the largest we offer (shown approx. actual size). This is a big one! It is ideal for all your survival kit needs, for use as a match case, or for GeoCaching. It even holds a Mini-Match Firestarter and/or a 20mm Button Compass! Or, fill it with a Spark-Lite Fire-starter and Tinder-Quick, or other tinder, steel wool, or other small items. You can almost place a mini kit in this one. Measures 1" x 3" long.

X-Large Capsule - $5.50


This is our Largest Capsule!

Alt Tag HereAlt Tag Here

This is a great waterproof capsule with many uses. It is made of Anodized Aluminum, has an O-Ring seal, and comes with a swivel key ring and hook. It can be used for mini survival kits, small fire kits, fishing kits, first aid kits, and much more. Carry it as part of your EDC (Everyday Carry), in a pack or Bug-Out Bag! It measures 2-3/4" high with a 1-1/2" outside diameter (1-5/16" inside diameter). weight: 2 oz.

21039 - Camo Untility Capsule- $8.95

Zippo Fuel Canister


The Zippo Fuel Canister is ideal for carrying extra fuel for your Zippo lighter. This is the first container we have seen that will hold your lighter fluid without it evaporating. Small enough to carry in your pocket or pack (shown next to a Zippo lighter for size comparison - lighter not included) It includes a swivel clip, split ring, flint holder, and a flint screw tool. The canister has a screw on main cap, which covers an inner cap and nozzle for dispensing fluid into your lighter. Can also be used to hold other fluid, such as gun cleaning fluid, etc.

21051 - Zippo Fuel Canister - $12.95