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Managing Director

John McCannJohn McCann founded Survival Resources™ with the goal of offering the best survival products available. John is the author of seven books to include "Build the Perfect Survival Kit" and "Stay Alive - Survival Skills You Need." After the publication of his first book, "Build the Perfect Survival Kit," John realized there was an absence of businesses that specialized in providing survival products and equipment, especially survival kit components. So he started selling them. Customers starting asking if John would design and build some ready made survival kits. At first, he declined, wanting people to build their own kits from the components he offered. However, after some more prompting, he started designing and offering ready made kits and they became an instant success.

John is also an avid writer and has written over one hundred articles and seven books, four non-fiction, one on essays, and two novels.

All Three of John's Books
These are the covers of the books John has written

John Infront of Eiger's North Face

John has taught at various survival gatherings around the country, and ran his own survival school for many years. He first started teaching when he was a Drill Instructor with the United States Marine Corps. He has written articles for various magazines, to include Field & Stream, and has been on the cover of Wilderness Way magazine. He has also been featured in an article in the New York Times, and appeared on national television as a guest on the Martha Stewart Show, showing how to make a survival kit. At the left you can see John on Bachlager, while hiking the Swiss Alps, with the North Face of Eiger in the background.

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Denise McCann
Sales Manager

Denise Starting a Fire

Denise McCann is the Sales Manager for Survival Resources. Originally from Switzerland, Denise is an avid outdoors person, who has often hiked the Swiss Alps and backpacked for weeks into the Grand Canyon.

Denise will live in the woods, with next to nothing, at the drop of a hat and was an instructor at the outdoor skills courses that we use to offer at Survival Resources. Our students truly appreciated her as an instructor, as she brought a different perspective to those courses. Denise was featured on the cover of the New York Times Escape Section when they featured an article about our courses (see photo to left).

It should be noted that Denise also has over 16 years as a teacher in home economics, specializing in cooking, so, while still offering courses, she obviously became our excellent field chef. She is well rounded in the ways of self-reliance and can garden as easily as making bread from scratch. She is a true asset to Survival Resources!


Denise being used as a target for signal mirror practice!


Denise in one of our many stockrooms.