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Useful Plants

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Simple Wild Grape Jelly

Simple Wild Grape Jelly

We have a lot of wild grapes on our property and they are now ripe for the picking. So we picked a bunch the other day so that we could make jelly. I thought I might do a quick article explaining, and showing how my wife, Denise, and I did so.

Making Pine Needle Tea

Making Pine Needle Tea

Vitamin C is an important element to include in a regular diet. This powerful vitamin provides very important health benefits which the body needs to properly function. Because Vitamin C contains antioxidants it aids in fighting off all kinds of diseases, improves the immune system, and wards off inflammation, infections, and viruses.

Nettles Video

The Nettle Plant

This is a video by Christopher Nyerges which discusses the Nettle Plant


Mushrooms Not For Survival

I am often asked how you properly identify edible mushrooms in a survival situation.  My first reply is usually, "Why bother?"  Don't worry about identifying mushrooms, don't pick them!Of course, they want to know why, and I inform them that they are not worth the effort, especially if you are hungry.

Weeds Can Feed

Weeds Can Feed

When we have guests over for dinner, we usually like to start the meal with a salad. When the salad is placed on the table, and after a bewildered examination by our guests, we are normally informed that the salad looks splendid, but then asked what is in it. "

Smoking Pipe

How To Make Your Own

Nicotine-Free Smoking Mixes

I have long maintained that the real culprit in commercial cigarettes are the chemicals added to the tobacco and paper, things such as moisturizers, flavors, things to keep the cigarette burning, etc. etc.

Creating Wild Foods

Creating Wild Foods

A Different Slant On Survival

A couple of weeks ago a student asked me why I was not teaching survival skills anymore. I told him I still was, it’s just that my current survival skills are adapted to my environment which is full of people.

Worldwide Guide to Nature's Foods

A World-Wide Guide to Nature's Foods

Here are ten of  the common wild foods (or wild food families) that are widespread throughout North America, and in most cases, throughout the world. These are some of the wild foods that I use the most often, and they are some of the easiest to learn to identify.


Healthful Plants from Nature's Bounty

We’ve all heard it: The true prophet is never accepted by his own people. By some strange quirk of human nature, we tend to think that only something from a faraway country can be of the greatest value. This blindness also affects us when it comes to herbs and nutrition.

FiddleheadOstrich Fern Fiddleheads

A cooked Vegetable

In our area, New York, April is normally the time to harvest the Fiddleheads from the Ostrich Fern.

Asiatic DayflowerAsiatic Dayflower

Good Eating

Asiatic Dayflower is a spiderwort and is an erect or reclining 3-petaled plant. Although we eat a lot of wild edibles this is one of our favorite steamed.