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Survival Kit Tips & Ideas

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Improvised Fishing Bobber

Improvised Fishing Bobber


When making or carrying a mini fishing kit, often you don't have room to carry normal bobbers or floats. However, water bomb balloons are very small and you can carry a few to use as emergency bobbers.

Storing Lighters

Storing Lighters In Your Survival Kit


When storing a lighter in a survival kit, if it gets in a position where the gas lever is pressed, all the gas will escape from the lighter.

Emergency Fire Starter

Emergency Fire Starter


Almost everyone carries at least a small first aid kit, and alcohol pads are included in most. For use as a fire starter, or even a short term candle, just cut a small “X” in the top of the package and pull a small amount of the alcohol pad through the “X.”

EDC Pry BarLarge EDC Pry Bar

For Your "Get Home" Kit

I have always wanted a larger Pry Bar for my EDC "Get Home" kit but just could find one that would work in a small pack or bag, and yet be big enough to be useful. I have plenty of the little pry bars, but when it comes to prying open a window, door, or something substantial, well... they just didn't get it.

Backup CompassBackup Compass

For Your Mini Kits

What I like to put in mini kits is a small disc which is very flat and can be used to push your magnetized needle (I sure all the needles you carry in you kit are magnetized) through so it floats and can be used as a compass, floating it in water.

Misconception of Mini KitsMisconception of Mini Kits

I've seen some information put forth that might lead some people to believe that a mini survival kit is useless. This post is not to defend mini kits, but to clarify what a mini kit is, and why it is useful. People like Ron Hood, Doug Ritter, and myself (among many others) have recommended them for years... and for good reason.

Dont trust Aluminum foilDon't Trust Aluminium Foil

(For Holding Water)

Did you know that you can no longer trust aluminum foil to hold water? We did some testing and the results were not good.

Mini Loaf PanMini Loaf Pans

(A Foldable Option)

A useful item that can be carried in small survival kit is a Mini Loaf Pan. The Mini Loaf Pan can easily be folded flat for storage in a survival kit.

Wrapping A TinWrapping a Survival Kit Tin

(With Parachute Cord)

Wrapping a survival kit tin with cordage provides a means to carry cordage with a small kit, and at the same time, allows you to secure your tin lid with the cordage. There are various ways to wrap a survival kit tin with cordage.

Coffee Filters Dont Hold WaterCoffee Filters Don't Hold Water

(Without Support)

We noticed that various companies included coffee filters in their survival kits for pre-filtering water. What they don't tell you is that a coffee filter will not hold water unless it is supported.

Oven Bag FoldedImprovised Water Bag

(For Mini Kits)

An improvised water bag for mini kits can be obtained at the local grocery store.